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From birds to lazos, there’s a lot of significance mash- packed into Spanish ceremony symbols. Many of these festivals may seem out of date, but they’re a great way to show off Spanish American culture on your big day and show your attendees how significant their union is to them.

After the couple exchanges their vows, the bridal bola, which is draped around them by their padrinos and madrinas, is a well-known cohesion ceremony. Conventionally, it represents unity and forever for the brides. In addition, the bride often wears a” something old, something borrowed, and something blue” to represent loyalty, love, wealth, and household tradition.

Likewise, 13 silver cash known as new arras matrimoniales are a traditional gift from the groom’s padrinos to his new family. The variety 13 holds for Jesus ‘ switch apostles and is a reminder to the handful to throw God first in their partnership.

When the newlyweds leave the church or capital bridal venue, their families and friends frequently scatter rice or fowl seeds over them. This custom represents chance and ovulation, as well as the idea that if you can live a harvest, you can survive anything together.

Spanish American marriages moreover feature a significant portion of the groom’s burqa meeting, where the wedding is covered by a lehenga shroud by the groom’s or his mother. This symbolism demonstrates the couple’s determination to taking care of his wedding and that she will always be his top priority.

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