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The Inside Bar Trading Strategy Guide

Before we get into actual trading strategies, let’s see at what an Inside Bar looks like, what it can tell us, and why it happens. So now, we have sperm whales, which have at least 150 of these different versions of sounds that they make just by making little adjustments to the existing way that they make sounds. And so you can make a chart of their phonetic alphabet, just like you make a chart of the human phonetic alphabet.

Candlestick Patterns Indicator

So it would be repeating a coda over and over again and then boom, add an extra one right at the end. So now, you have yet another signal that these whales are using. And so whale biologists would just look at that ticker of whale songs going across the screen and try to compare them. And so what she decided to do is she decided to kind of just visualize the data differently.

Spotting the Inside Bar in Forex Trading

The classic entry for an inside bar signal is to place a buy stop or sell stop at the high or low of the mother bar, and then when price breakouts above or below the mother bar, your entry order is filled. No pattern is the holy grail of trading, and the inside bar pattern, like many other classical chart patterns, has strengths and weaknesses. So, a buying signal is given once the third candle closes above the previous bar.

What is the best time frame for trading the inside bar candle pattern?

Traders use the InSide Bars strategy by waiting for price to make a reversal move and then form an InSide Bar. This way they are able to control their positions based on specific criteria and manage the perfect entry point by waiting for an ideal reversal in the market. In addition, there would then be volatility contraction, allowing the buying pressure to potentially continue if the price were to break out higher. So if the current candle is still forming in live markets, only after this candle has fully closed, then the… If that happens, then maybe, indeed, sperm whales have something like language as we understand it. So a sperm whale might be communicating to the whale right next to it a few yards away, but it might be communicating with whales miles away, hundreds of miles away.

Learn more about trading with candlestick patterns

This is because it shows momentum in our favor, confirming that the trend is with us. This inside bar is one of the most popular two-bar trading patterns and forms the basis of many trading setups including the three-bar inside bar trading strategy, the ID/NR4 trading setup, and the Hikkake. helps traders of all levels learn how to trade the financial markets. The first candle has a tall body, sometimes very large wicks, and is called the mother bar. The second candle has a small body, sometimes having low wicks, and is called the baby candle.

  1. I think our content and our movie programming has been great, but it’s just not all for you.
  2. As market volatility is always shifting, it helps to see multiple InSide Bars together because it is a strong sign that there will be big movement in the markets.
  3. Instead, for my Inside Bar strategy, I prefer for the price to make the reversal move first and then form an Inside Bar.
  4. It’s crucial to consider the overall market trendline and other contextual factors, as Inside Bars can signify both reversal and continuation patterns.
  5. Maybe they’re talking about, you know, the giant squid that they caught last night.

Trade Like a Predator Hunt for Opportunities

In the example below, we are looking at trading an inside bar pattern against the dominant daily chart trend. In this case, price had come back down to test a key support level , formed a pin bar reversal at that support, followed by an inside bar reversal. Note the strong push higher that unfolded following this inside bar setup. Once our inside bar has formed we must consider the fact that market reversals can occur on any timeframe. Therefore we may encounter a scenario where the high or low of our inside bar breaks, but the price action lacks the strength to close above that key level. This can be considered a failed breakout and such reversals can see a significant shift in market sentiment.

Range Trading

The target for this breakout is the high of the previous candlestick. As price moves within the range be cautious about the potential for a reversal pattern to form. The InSide Bar Strategy is a significant candlestick pattern that helps traders time entries with low risk.

To determine if a bar is directional, we looked at the open-to-close spread as a fraction of the entire range of the inside bar (high-to-low spread). Sign up now for FREE access to our exclusive trading strategy videos. Explore our Trade Together program for live streams, expert coaching and much more. Then, join our Trade Together program for where we execute the strategy in live streams. As you can see, when the inside bar pattern appears, the RSI stands at around 40-45, a level indicating indecision and the market and, thus, the likelihood of consolidation.

But it really kind of doubles as a lesson in humility for us humans when it comes to appreciating the idea that there are lots of non-human ways in which language can exist. But, you know, other species have evolved in other directions. And so you have to put yourself in the place of a sperm whale. And actually, like sending sounds through water is a completely different experience than through the air like we do.

Then, traders would look to go short on the break of the Inside Bar. The realm of forex trading is a constantly shifting and multifaceted… The forex market is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, offering traders… In the complex world of forex trading, understanding the relationships between…

Because when scientists record whale songs, you can look at it kind of like if you’re looking at an audio of a recording of your podcast, you will see the little squiggles of your voice. Well, beyond the cultural impact of this discovery, which is quite meaningful, I wonder whether scientists and inside bar indicator marine biologists are figuring out what these whale songs are actually communicating. And so you could argue that the discovery of these whale songs in Bermuda led to at least some species of whales escaping extinction. This record, this became almost like an anthem of the environmental movement.

Generally, although the inside bar is a two-candle pattern, the next candle after the second is a crucial one. As a matter of fact, the trade will be taken once the third candle is over. Now let’s analyze how traders can manage entries and exits while using this specific strategy. Clearly, if you want to trade the breakout of an Inside Bar, you’d want to go with the small range one. This is what we call a Hikkake Pattern (a false breakout pattern). So, when the price “stalls” after a pullback (in the form of an Inside Bar), you want to enter as soon as the price resumes in the direction of the trend.

Price action becomes “compressed” into a tighter range and at some point, it has to break out and resume normal volatility. So what’s going to happen now is a real sea change in gathering data from whales. And I think that happens because, I mean, language is so fundamental to us as human beings.

Price action is also in a range and there is no obvious trend or support/resistance level. You might have been lucky if your took a long trade, but over time, you’ll lose more of these trades than you win. This is part of a new series we are calling “Strategy Myth-Busting” where we take open public manual trading strategies and automate them. The script uses the previous candle of the current timeframe to assess the state of the current candle.1.

By signing up as a member you acknowledge that we are not providing financial advice and that you are making the decision on the trades you place in the markets. We have no knowledge of the level of money you are trading with or the level of risk you are taking with each trade. For this reason, it is often advised to maintain strict risk management practices when trading even the most basic inside bar strategies.

However, it is important to be aware of the challenges, such as false breakouts, subjectivity in pattern identification, reliance on other factors, and variable success rates. The formation of the bearish break pattern follows the same process as the bullish breakout strategy. The major difference between the two setups is that we are looking for weakness.

We computed the range of the inside bar as a fraction of the range of its preceding bar. A wide range bar takes up more than 75% of the range of the preceding bar. A narrow range bar takes up less than 25% of the range of the preceding bar. High volume bars outperform the benchmark slightly while low volume inside bars clearly under-performed.

This pattern tells the trader where there is low volatility within the markets. As market volatility is always shifting, it helps to see multiple InSide Bars together because it is a strong sign that there will be big movement in the markets. The standard InSide bar has a small range and is “covered” by the previous candle. This standard candle tells the trader that there is indecision and low volatility within the markets. The other type of Inside Bar trading signal is the countertrend Inside Bar.

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